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 The Center at Punchard now accepts credit cards!

Online Registration

Online registration has come to The Center at Punchard!  Registration for all of our programming will now be done online at MyActiveCenter.com. You'll need a My Senior Center swipe card (available at The Center), an email account and a PayPal Account (optional).  For detailed instructions on how to set up an account, click here.  We can help you set up an email account if you don't have one. Staff will be available to help you if you need it.  PayPal will let you pay online during the registration process.  Andover residents should sign up online for all programming.  Payments may be made online using PayPal or by coming to The Center to pay.  Non-residents may not sign up until one week before the start of a program and must come to The Center to pay.  Anyone wishing to sign up for part of a class or program will still needs to come into The Center to register.   Please note:  Your registration process will not be complete until we receive your payment.  All Programing is now listed alphabetically. This should make it easier to find the program(s) you are looking for.  As always, be sure to check our Info Line at 978-623-8377 for delays and/or cancellations.



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